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Are you a professional, manager or entrepreneur that is rushed for time but looking to improve his or her overall health? Are you looking for a personalized training regimen tailored to your fitness level and schedule?
Do you wish you had a personal trainer all to yourself who will build on your strengths and who can, if you wish, oversee a rehabilitation plan in response to physical pain, an ailment or an accident?

Our personal training studio is a centre for developing overall health. We cultivate an approach to training designed primarily to restore the energy level and well-being you desire in a short period of time. We develop a fitness program with you that matches your dietary plan and lifestyle with the main goal of optimizing your health.
Our fitness GYM is located in the heart of Old Montreal
The qualifications of our personal trainers combined with their innovative training philosophy set our studio apart from all other gyms and private sports clubs.
At our facility, you can use cardiovascular exercise machines and free weights, but we favour floor exercises on unstable surfaces using exercise balls, resistance bands and pulley systems.
Personal training Montreal Roberto Starnino


As an initial step, we ask you to undergo a fitness test as well as an orthopaedic and postural evaluation to get an accurate, overall picture of your physical health. This will put us in a better position to determine your needs and training goals.

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Action Plan

Next, we develop a training program broken down into five steps. The main idea behind this approach is to propose exercises that will correct and adjust your balance so you can quickly regain the energy and strength to get the most of every aspect of your life.

Action Plan
Entrainement personnel Roberto Starnino


Our trainers are passionate about their work and have closely studied key disciplines related to physical fitness, including kinesiology, naturopathy, nutrition and posturology. We give you the same attention and care that a coach would give a high-level athlete because to us, you are the athlete. At the beginning, in an effort to optimize your trainingand get to know you, we will spend a good deal of time together. fitness level.


Physical rehabilitation

If you wish, you can be introduced to Roberto Starnino's approach to rehabilitation as it relates to physical ailments and to muscular and postural imbalances. Together, we perform a complete evaluation of your posture and orthopaedic condition. This allows our therapists and trainers to identify any neurophysiological and musculoskeletal imbalances. Then, we develop a comprehensive health plan which, when combined with a customized training program, will allow you to increase your metabolism while addressing the root of your physical ailment.

training approach

Our training approach to restoring balance begins with a thorough working of the pelvic area by focusing on the proper functioning and balance of the abdominal wall, hip flexors, lower back and hip extensors.

strengthening and stabilizing

By isolating certain movements aimed at strengthening and stabilizing the hips, spine and shoulders, we can improve intramuscular coordination by strengthening the extension and balance of muscles around target areas.


We understand that you are a unique person, with your own schedule, daily concerns and lifestyle.
This is why we prefer to begin your training experience by drawing up an accurate portrait of your overall health.
Then, we develop a personalized fitness program and work to provide you with the knowledge you need to achieve your goals and improve your well-being.


Roberto Starnino Nutrition
Nutritional assessment
Since diet is a central factor for your health and ability to perform well, our specialists can also provide you with a complete nutritional assessment
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Roberto Starnino Nutrition
Diet advice
We can offer advice based on your goals, fitness level and training program.
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Roberto Starnino Nutrition
Biochemical and physiological needs
Our personal trainers will help you choose the right foods and ideal portions that will meet your biochemical and physiological needs.
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